Weller WE1010NA Digital Soldering Station Review

Weller WE1010NA Digital Soldering Station Review
The Weller WE1010 is a powerful and precise soldering iron that is perfect for a wide range of electronics projects.

The WE1010 features a temperature range of 200⁰F to 850⁰F, making it suitable for a variety of soldering applications.

With its 70-wattage power and 60 Hz frequency rate, the WE1010 can quickly heat up and maintain a consistent temperature, ensuring precise and efficient soldering.

The WE1010 also features an ESD-safe design, making it ideal for use in sensitive electronic environments. The included soldering power unit, iron, safety rest, and ET soldering tip make the WE1010 a complete solution for all your soldering needs. UL and CE listed, the Weller WE1010 is a high-quality and reliable choice for all your electronics projects.

The WE1010NA is recommended for easy professional soldering jobs, such as PCBs, electronic kits, indoor lighting, low-voltage wiring, and cable assembling. Other acceptable applications are hobby models, small appliances like repairs or audio systems, and electrical work.


  • The weight is 5.51 pounds;
  • The dimensions are 5.91 x 4.92 x 3.94 inches;
  • Corded electric;
  • The wattage is 70 W;
  • The frequency rate is 60 Hz;
  • The voltage is 120 V;
  • The temperature range is 200⁰F-850⁰F;
  • ESD safe;
  • Includes a soldering power unit, an iron, a safety rest, and an ET soldering tip;
  • UL and CE-listed;



The Weller WE1010 is a high-quality soldering iron that offers a smooth and silky textured cord for easy maneuverability.

It quickly heats up and has good temperature control for consistent results.

The user-friendly LCD screen with 3 buttons makes it easy to read and use, while the tool-free replacement of the tips is a handy feature.

The pre-set temperature modes make it easy to get the perfect setting for your project, and the separate replacement of the iron and station is a nice touch. It the more powerful than most WES/WESD stations, and the ergonomic handle makes it comfortable to use. The improved safety rest is included, and easy access to the power switch is a nice safety feature.

The Weller WE1010 is also compatible with ET series tips, making it a versatile tool. Its affordable price makes it a great value for the money.



The Weller WE1010 is a great soldering station for those looking for quality and affordability. It features quick tip temperature modes, a tool-free tip replacement, an easy-to-read LCD screen, and an ergonomic handle. The WE1010 also comes with an improved safety rest and easy access to the power switch.

However, there are a few downsides. The station is not suitable for dim working environments and does not come with a backlit feature. Additionally, the temperature can be unstable and only comes with a single tip.

Overall, the WE1010 is a great soldering station for those looking for an affordable and user-friendly option.


  • Smooth and silky textured cord;
  • Quickly heats up;
  • Good temperature control;
  • User-friendly;
  • Easy-to-read LCD screen with 3 buttons;
  • Tool-free replacement of the tips;
  • Pre-set temperature modes;
  • You may separately replace the iron and station;
  • More powerful than most WES/WESD stations;
  • Ergonomic handle;
  • Improved safety rest is included;
  • Easy access to the power switch;
  • Compatible with ET series tips;
  • Affordable;



  • No backlit feature;
  • Not suitable for dim working environments;
  • The temperature can be unstable;
  • Only comes with a single tip;
  • No mainline fuse for the default station;
The Weller WE1010 is a powerful soldering station that is compatible with ET series tips.

It features an easy-to-read LCD screen with three buttons, tool-free replacement of the tips, pre-set temperature modes, and an improved safety rest. The WE1010 also has more power than most WES/WESD stations and an ergonomic handle.


Main Features

Heating Element

The WE1010NA is completely ESD-safe and is 40% more powerful than the well-known WES/WESD stations. This allows the iron to heat up faster and provides a faster recovery time! Since this is the North American version, the soldering station only includes a standard type B plug. If you are looking for a high-quality soldering iron for easy professional soldering jobs, PCBs, electronic kits, or educational purposes, the Weller WE1010 is an economical soldering choice!


The WE1010 from Weller is a powerful 70-Watt soldering station that is perfect for passionate hobbyists, DIYers, and anyone who needs to build or repair electronics. This soldering station operates at 120V and features an easy-to-read LCD screen with three push buttons to provide variable temperature control, a front switch for easy power control, and intuitive navigation features.

The included 70-Watt soldering iron is lightweight with an ergonomic foam grip and an interchangeable, iron-plated, copper ET series tip. The soldering iron can even be housed in a reinforced safety rest to provide you with extra stability and safety!

Adjustable Tips

Weller introduces a new digital 70 W soldering station from the WE Line, designed for vocational, prosumer, and professional uses. Just switch on the new WE station and start soldering immediately.

Main Features

The latest addition to our WE Line is a powerful yet easy-to-use and cost-effective digital soldering station that comes ready to meet the requirements of a range of soldering jobs. The Weller WE 1010, 120V soldering station features a new design, enhanced power and performance, intuitive controls, and improved safety features.

WE1010NA comes with a one-channel soldering station, a WEP 70 electric soldering iron, and a PH 70 safety rest. It offers 40 percent more power than the WES / WESD station and has an overall low total cost of ownership.

User-Friendly Controls

The WE1010NA soldering station features a clear LCD display and intuitive controls for adjusting temperature and switching between different tips. The station also comes with a convenient sleep mode function to conserve energy during periods of inactivity.

Precise Temperature Adjustment

The WE1010NA offers precise temperature adjustment in 10-degree increments, allowing for maximum control over the heat of the tip. This is especially helpful when working with sensitive components that require careful soldering.

Wide Tip Selection

The WE1010NA comes with a variety of interchangeable tips, including conical, chisel, and fine point options. It also has the ability to accommodate third-party tips, expanding the range of projects that can be tackled with this soldering station.

Main Features

Overall, the Weller WE1010NA digital soldering station offers user-friendly controls, precise temperature adjustment, and a wide selection of tips, making it a great choice for both hobbyists and professionals.


Does Weller WE1010NA have a fuse on the primary side of the transformer?

Actually no it’s neutral. The plug is keyed and I was checking the unit out and found that out.

Where can you get replacement tips for Weller WE1010NA?

The ET series tips fit the WE1010NA soldering station. The iron in this station is a WE 70 in case you need to replace just that part of the outfit. I use the ETA tip which is a 1/16» chisel or screwdriver tip. The ETB is the same, only 3/32″. There’s also an ETC, ETP, and ETS.

Can you use Weller WE1010NA for wood burning or engraving?

You can use it for wood burning and low temp metal engraving. The multiple tips give you a good range, and the accuracy of the temp control can help you when dealing with different wood types. The only problem is that the cost of the different tips can make it an expensive alternative to your traditional wood-burning kit.

How is Weller WE1010NA good for PCB when it is rated 70 watts?

WE1010NA is a temperature-controlled station.

There is an assortment of ET series tips that you can use.

How do the “intuitive navigation” and “password protection” actually work for Weller WE1010NA?

You would use the menu control buttons that are arrows up and down.

Is Weller WE1010NA 110-220v capable?

In America, this is only available as 110 volts. In Europe, it would have to be made compatible with the 220-volt system there.

Can I use Weller WE1010NA for soldering LED light strips?

Yes, this station will work for soldering LED Light strips

Does the Weller WE1010NA station give you the temperature of the iron tip or is it just the preset temperature inside the base unit?

Yes, the base station displays the preset temperature and the tip temperature.

Who owns Weller soldering?

The WE 1010 soldering station is ideal for a broad range of projects. The ability to use different tips with the WE1010NA and to operate the iron at various temperatures helps you get quality results for many types of work.

We recommend using this product for relatively easy professional soldering jobs, including work on electronic kits and printed circuit board soldering. The tool is also useful for cable assembly and working on indoor lighting, and it’s ideal for use in educational and training settings.

The following are acceptable uses of the WE 1010, and while these options aren’t as ideal for this system as the recommended applications, they can still produce satisfactory results.

You can use this tool for small appliances, small engines, electrical projects, and audio systems.

It’s also useful for hobby models and crafts, especially if you’re looking for the best affordable soldering station that still provides a considerable amount of power and a number of features.

We do not recommend using this product for micro-components, metal art, jewelry, heat sinks, ground planes, or automotive or marine work.

Is a higher-wattage soldering iron better?

Not necessarily. The wattage of a soldering iron refers to how much power it can handle, not how hot it gets. It is important to choose a soldering iron with the appropriate wattage for the job at hand, as using one that is too high can damage delicate components while using one that is too low may not adequately heat and melt the solder.

In this regard, the Weller WE1010NA digital soldering station offers versatility with its adjustable wattage settings ranging from 5 watts to 80 watts. This allows users to easily switch between delicate projects such as electronics repairs and more heavy-duty tasks like welding or jewelry making.

What temperature should I solder pickups?

When soldering guitar pickups, it is typically recommended to use a temperature around 700°F (370°C). However, every solder joint and situation may vary, so it is important to consider the materials being joined and adjust the temperature accordingly.

The Weller WE1010NA digital soldering station allows users to easily adjust and monitor the temperature with its LCD display and precise electronic control. This feature makes the WE1010NA an excellent choice for soldering delicate electronics or sensitive materials.

Aside from temperature control, the WE1010NA also offers a wide range of additional features such as a sleep function for energy conservation, a calibration function for accuracy, and adjustable standby and sleep times.

Why is tinning a soldering iron important?

Tinning a soldering iron helps to increase the conductivity and improve the overall quality of soldering. It also helps prolong the life of the iron by preventing oxidation build-up on the tip.

How does the WE1010NA make tinning easier?

The WE1010NA offers a built-in spindle for easy and mess-free tinning. It also has temperature memory settings, allowing users to quickly set their preferred tinning temperature without having to constantly adjust it manually.

When should you replace soldering tips?

It is recommended that soldering tips be replaced when they show signs of wear or damage, such as blackening or uneven heating.

Additionally, it is best practice to regularly clean and maintain the tip by wiping it with a damp sponge while hot, and applying a small amount of solder to prevent oxidation.

The Weller WE1010NA Digital Soldering Station offers easy access for replacing the soldering tip with its convenient screw-tight connection. It also includes five interchangeable tips for various soldering needs.

Is a 25-watt soldering iron enough?

In short, it depends on the project. The Weller WE1010NA digital soldering station includes a 25-watt pencil iron, which is suitable for most electronic projects and hobbyist use. However, in certain cases such as soldering thick wires or heavy components, a higher-wattage iron may be necessary.

Can you solder aluminum?

The WE1010NA’s iron is not suitable for soldering aluminum. For this type of project, a special aluminum soldering iron or torch would be needed.

What other features does the WE1010NA offer?

Aside from the adjustable temperature control and LCD display, the WE1010NA also has an automatic shut-off feature and a convenient storage space for additional tips. It also comes with a detachable cleaning sponge and metal holder stand. Overall, it is a reliable and versatile option for hobbyists or light professionals to use.

What size soldering iron do I need for electronics?

Many electronic projects require a smaller, fine-tip soldering iron that can fit into tight spaces and work on small components. The Weller WE1010NA Digital Soldering Station features a slim, 10-watt iron with a tapered tip for precision soldering.

In addition to its versatile iron, the WE1010NA also includes adjustable temperature control and a standby mode for energy efficiency. It even has an LCD display to easily monitor and adjust settings.

How hot should a soldering iron be for electronics?

According to the Weller WE1010NA manual, the temperature range for electronics soldering is between 350-400 degrees Celsius.

The Weller WE1010NA digital soldering station allows users to easily adjust and monitor the temperature with its LCD screen and control knob.

We have found this feature particularly useful when switching between soldering different types of components, as some may require a higher or lower temperature to properly solder.

Overall, we have been very satisfied with the performance and ease of use of the Weller WE1010NA digital soldering station. It has significantly improved my soldering accuracy and efficiency. I highly recommend it to any electronics hobbyist or professional.

What type of solder is used for electrical wiring?

Typically, a rosin-core solder with a diameter of 0.031 to 0.062 inches is used for electrical wiring. It is important to use the correct type of solder to ensure proper adhesion and avoid any potential safety hazards.

In our experience, the Weller WE1010NA has worked well with rosin-core solder for electrical wiring projects. However, it is always best to consult the manual or do additional research before using any unfamiliar materials with your soldering station.

Do I need a temperature-controlled soldering iron?

Many soldering irons are not temperature-controlled and work just fine for basic tasks, such as electronics repair or hobbyist projects. However, if you plan on working with sensitive components or materials that require precise temperature control, a temperature-controlled soldering station is essential.

This station has a wide range of temperature control (200-850 degrees Fahrenheit) and includes handy features such as an LCD display, sleep mode, and automatic shutoff.

The station heats up quickly and maintains a stable temperature throughout use. The iron itself is comfortable to hold and the tip can easily be changed out for different applications.

What is the difference between a soldering station in a rework station?

A soldering station is typically used for smaller, more delicate soldering tasks, while a rework station is used for larger and more industrial soldering jobs.

What features does the WE1010NA offer that sets it apart from other models?

The WE1010NA offers temperature control with a range of 200 to 896 degrees Fahrenheit, as well as an LCD display screen and adjustable stand. It also has an auto-shutoff feature for added safety.

How do you clean a Weller WE1010NA soldering iron?

The WE1010NA has a cleaning function built into the station, which can be used with soldering iron sponges. The tip can also be cleaned using a damp sponge or brass wool.

The users have found the WE1010NA to be reliable and easy to use. The temperature control and LCD display are particularly appreciated features, and the unit itself has a sturdy build. Additionally, many users have had success with customer service in terms of getting replacement parts or addressing any issues with the station. Overall, it is a highly recommended option for those in need of a digital soldering station.

How do you use the Weller WE1010NA?

WE1010NA is a versatile product that’s suitable for a range of users, from soldering professionals to beginners and everyone in between:

  • Professional use. The WE 1010 is an ideal tool for commercial and industrial uses because of its professional quality. Experienced craftsmen will not be disappointed with the performance of this professional soldering iron kit. It meets and even exceeds many of the standards and specifications that professionals would expect from any comparable soldering station. It empowers you to reliably and efficiently produce high-quality results. This consistent quality will improve your professional reputation, and the new efficiencies you can achieve will help your business run smoothly;
  • Education and training. This latest addition to the WE product line is also a good soldering iron pencil for education and training in settings such as colleges, tech schools, and even high schools. It’s easy to use and features numerous safety features that will help prevent incidents in the classroom or during on-the-job soldering iron training while at the same time helping students to learn practical skills. Its relatively small size and light weight also help make it easy to manage in a classroom environment;
  • Beginners and hobbyists: This unit is also a good entry-level soldering iron kit, so it’s even suitable for hobbyists and DIY enthusiasts. Its affordability, ease of use and safety features make it easy for anyone to use it with only basic orientation and a review of safety considerations;

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