Intel NUC NUC5PGYH Review

Intel NUC NUC5PGYH Review

Are you looking for a powerful, small form-factor PC? If so, the Intel NUC NUC5PGYH might be just what you need. This tiny desktop has some impressive features, and in this comprehensive review we will answer all of your questions about it. We’ll cover everything from performance to ports and give you our expert opinion on whether or not this PC is right for you. So whether you are considering buying one yourself or are just curious about what they have to offer, keep reading for the inside scoop on the Intel NUC NUC5PGYH!

What is Intel NUC NUC5PGYH

Small form factor PCs have grown increasingly popular in recent years, and for good reason. They provide the same computing power as a larger system, but at a fraction of the size. This means they are perfect for situations where space is limited, such as an office cubicle or even on a kitchen countertop. They also tend to run more quietly than their full-sized counterparts, making them ideal for environments where noise needs to be kept to a minimum.

What is Intel NUC NUC5PGYH

When it comes to personal computer needs, Intel has long been one of the most reliable and trusted brands on the market. Founded in 1968 by Robert Noyce and Gordon Moore, Intel is credited with developing the world’s first microprocessor, which sparked a revolution in computing technology. Today, Intel continues to lead the way in processor innovation and design, offering users powerful yet affordable solutions for their PC needs. The Intel NUC (Next Unit of Computing) series specifically targets those who need high performance from a small form factor device.

The Intel NUC NUC5PGYH too is a small form factor, high-performance computer designed for gaming and entertainment.

It features an 8th generation Intel Core processor, up to 16GB of RAM, and up to 512GB of storage via a built-in SSD. The device is also equipped with four USB 3.0 ports, two HDMI ports, one mini DisplayPort port, one Thunderbolt 3 port, and dual Gigabit Ethernet connectors for added connectivity options. Additionally, the NUC supports Wi-Fi 802.11ac and Bluetooth 4.2 wireless technology for easy connection to home networks or other devices. [1], [2], [3], [4], [5]

Features of Intel NUC NUC5PGYH

Now let’s take a deeper look into the Intel NUC NUC5PGYH. And believe us, this little machine packs a lot of punch.

It comes with 4 USB 3.0 ports

The Intel NUC NUC5PGYH comes with 4 USB 3.0 ports which give you plenty of options for connecting additional peripherals and accessories. USB 3.0 technology provides dramatically faster data transfer rates than that of its predecessor, USB 2.0 technology, making it a great choice for transferring large amounts of data quickly and efficiently. It also ensures compatibility with devices such as external hard drives and flash drives that require higher speed connections to operate optimally. In addition, USB 3.0 offers backward compatibility with older versions of USB standards so you can use your existing devices without any problems.

Having four USB 3.0 ports gives you more flexibility when connecting peripherals to your machine and ensures that you won’t be limited by the number of available ports. You can use these ports to connect multiple external devices and still have plenty of room for expansion. Plus, if you ever need to upgrade your hardware in the future, USB 3.0 is compatible with upcoming USB technologies, such as Thunderbolt 4.

For those who want maximum performance from their device, having these USB 3.0 ports on the Intel NUC NUC5PGYH allows for added options when it comes to connecting peripherals and transferring data quickly and efficiently. This makes the Intel NUC an ideal choice for power users looking for a powerful mini-PC that won’t let them down in terms of speed or connectivity options.

HDMI port

The Intel NUC NUC5PGYH is also equipped with a HDMI port, allowing you to easily connect your device to an external monitor or TV and enjoy high-definition visuals. This makes the system perfect for playing games, watching movies, or giving presentations. The HDMI port also supports up to 4K resolution which means you can experience stunning visuals on your compatible external display.

Features of Intel NUC NUC5PGYH

It comes with a SATA port

The Intel NUC NUC5PGYH also comes with a SATA port, which allows users to easily connect storage devices such as hard drives and solid-state drives. This feature is especially useful for those who want additional storage space on their device, as it allows them to add an extra hard drive or SSD without having to purchase any additional hardware. The inclusion of a SATA port makes the Intel NUC an ideal choice for anyone looking for a mini-PC with plenty of expandability options.

SATA technology provides fast data transfer speeds, meaning you won’t have to worry about lag when transferring large files from your external storage devices. It also provides backwards compatibility with older versions of SATA standards, so if you already have a SATA device, you can use it with the Intel NUC without any issues.

Wireless connectivity options

The Intel NUC NUC5PGYH also comes with a range of wireless connectivity options, including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. With built-in Bluetooth 4.2, you’ll be able to connect to your home network quickly and easily.

In addition, it also includes an Intel® Wireless-AC 3165 Wi-Fi adapter. This Wi-Fi adapter offers fast, reliable connectivity for streaming and gaming, as well as support for the latest wireless technologies such as MU-MIMO and beamforming+. This makes it easy to stay connected in any environment.

All this means that you won’t have to worry about cables getting in the way or having to purchase a separate adapter for your device. The inclusion of these wireless technologies also makes it much easier to connect additional peripherals such as keyboards, mice, headsets and game controllers without any hassle.

It runs Windows 10

Lastly, the Intel NUC NUC5PGYH also comes with Windows 10 pre-installed. This makes it a great choice for users who are already familiar with the Windows operating system and want to avoid the hassle of having to install it themselves.

Windows 10 provides users with a comprehensive list of features that make their computing experience easier, faster and more efficient. It includes an improved Cortana voice assistant, a streamlined Start menu, task view windows to keep you organized, improvements in multitasking and multitouch support, virtual desktops for better organization on multiple devices, built-in security protections such as Windows Hello facial recognition and Microsoft Passport, quick access to settings through the Action Center Notification Centre, Edge browser enhancements and much more. [1], [2], [3], [4], [5]

What Makes the Intel NUC NUC5PGYH Unique?

The Intel NUC NUC5PGYH is an incredibly powerful device for its size. It’s capable of running older games and other applications with ease, making it a great choice for those who want the best performance out of their system without taking up too much space. The Intel Core i7 processor also ensures that this device can handle almost any task with ease, making it one of the most versatile small form factor PCs on the market.

What Makes the Intel NUC NUC5PGYH Unique?

The Intel NUC NUC5PGYH is designed with several user-friendly features that make life easier for owners. For one, you can remove the top of the case to access and upgrade the internal components, making it easy to customize the system to your needs. Additionally, Intel has included a handy remote control with their NUCs that allows you to adjust settings or power down the system right from your couch.

Low power consumption is a pretty evident advantage of the Intel NUC NUC5PGYH.

It uses very little power compared to full-size PCs, making it easy on your wallet in terms of electricity bills.

One of the main areas this little computer excels at is video decoding. Whether you’re streaming movies or playing games, the Intel NUC NUC5PGYH can easily handle 4K content without any issue. This makes it an excellent choice for anyone who wants a dependable multimedia device without having to spend too much money.

Speaking of money, you can get this little guy for a great price around $250. The Intel NUC NUC5PGYH is one of the most affordable small form factor PCs on the market, offering a ton of features for a very competitive price point. Sadly, Intel has discontinued this model, so now might be the time to get your hands on one if you’re thinking about upgrading your home setup.

Still, there is some stuff you should keep in mind when considering this device. Although the Intel NUC is fast and versatile, it doesn’t come with a dedicated graphics card and will struggle to run demanding applications.

Another point is the noise that comes from its heatsink fan.

The Intel NUC is a powerful device that generates a lot of heat, so it’s important to make sure you have enough airflow in your workspace to keep it running at peak efficiency.

What Makes the Intel NUC NUC5PGYH Unique?

And the heatsink & fan cooling system it comes with does that job incredibly well. However there’s one downside to it and that is the noise it produces while running. So if you plan on using the NUC in a quiet environment, it’s important to factor this in. [1], [2], [3], [4], [5]

What Can You Use Intel NUC NUC5PGYH For?

As you can see, the Intel NUC NUC5PGYH is an incredibly powerful device that can handle almost any task. With its combination of fast components and ease-of-use features, it’s perfect for a range of uses.

Home office

The Intel NUC NUC5PGYH is perfect for those who need an all-in-one home office solution. Its small form factor and easy customization options make it ideal for users who want a powerful device that won’t take up too much space. Additionally, the included Windows 10 operating system ensures that you have access to all of the features and applications you need to stay productive from home. It is powerful enough to handle demanding tasks like video editing, photo retouching, and other media-related tasks with ease.

And if you’re into coding, good news: the Intel Core processor is powerful enough to handle even the most demanding programming tasks like machine learning.

Media center

The Intel NUC is also great if you’re looking for a mini-PC to use as a media center or HTPC. It runs Windows 10, meaning you can easily access all your favorite streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime Video without any issues. In addition, with its support for 4K video output via HDMI and DisplayPort connections, you can enjoy watching content in stunning quality on your TV or monitor.

And thanks to its fast components, solid Wi-Fi connection and ample storage make it perfect for streaming movies, TV shows or playing music from any service you choose. Plus, with its quick boot times and easy setup process, you can be up and running in no time at all.

Finally, thanks to its built-in Bluetooth 4.2 capability, you can easily connect wireless peripherals such as game controllers and headsets to your device without having to purchase additional adapters or cables.

For business uses

The Intel NUC is also perfect for business users looking for a powerful, yet compact device. Its fast components and low power consumption make it great for running business applications like Microsoft Office or Adobe Creative Suite with ease. And due to relatively low employment costs, the Intel NUC is a great choice for businesses who want to save money on hardware.

The Intel NUC is also excellent for those looking to set up a kiosk or digital signage system, as it’s powerful enough to handle any task you throw at it and small enough to fit in almost any space. And with its remote control, you can easily make adjustments from afar without having to manually access the device every time something needs to be changed.

For schools

The Intel NUC is also a great choice for those setting up a computer lab in schools or libraries. Its small form factor and low power consumption make it an ideal choice for educational institutions looking to save on hardware costs. Additionally, its ability to run Windows 10 ensures that students have access to the applications and programs they need for their studies.

What Can You Use Intel NUC NUC5PGYH For?

Finally, with its support for display output via HDMI or DisplayPort connections, teachers can easily demonstrate tasks on both screens without having to purchase additional adapters or cables, making life much easier for both instructors and students alike. [6]


Is Intel NUC a solid replacement for a laptop?

The Intel NUC NUC5PGYH is an ideal alternative to a medium range laptop, as it provides the same functionality in a much smaller package. However, it doesn’t offer as much power as more professional laptops, so it would not be the best choice if you need a fully featured device. The NUC is made specifically for basic computing tasks such as web browsing and word processing, with enough power to handle some light multimedia tasks as well.

While tasks like video editing, gaming and 3D rendering require more powerful hardware, the NUC NUC5PGYH is perfectly suited to things like streaming media content or photo editing. It has plenty of ports and storage options, making it easy to connect any external devices you may need.

How to enter BIOS at Intel NUC?

Entering the BIOS on an Intel NUC is a straightforward process. Before you begin, make sure that your device is powered off and unplugged from any external devices. Then, press the power button to start up your computer and press the ‘F2’ button. After a few moments, you will see the “Intel Visual BIOS” screen displayed on your monitor.

What is the purpose of Intel NUCs?

Intel NUCs, or Next Unit of Computing, are miniature PCs designed for a range of uses such as home entertainment, digital signage, and gaming. However, their primary focus is on office productivity and media streaming. They are compact devices that can be easily moved from one location to another without taking up too much space.

What is the Intel NUC series?

The Intel NUC series is a line of ultra-compact and powerful mini PCs that offer an ideal combination of performance, features, and affordability. The NUC5PGYH model in particular packs a lot of power within its small form factor, making it ideal for home users who want a fast and reliable computer without taking up too much space.

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As we can see from this comprehensive review, the Intel NUC NUC5PGYH is a pretty powerful and versatile mini PC that provides plenty of features and options. The small form factor and relatively low price point make it a great choice for those looking to save space without sacrificing performance.

It’s fast enough for coding, media streaming, and other light-to-medium demanding tasks, while also a great option for running business. Its wide range of ports and connectivity options also make it a perfect fit for anyone looking for an all-in-one device or simply a powerful mini PC solution. Whether you’re using it as a home theater PC or as part of your workstation setup, the Intel NUC NUC5PGYH is definitely worth considering.

Just keep in mind that it can be quite noisy at times, especially when running at full speed. However, that’s a small price to pay considering its features and performance. All in all, this mini PC should make a great addition to any home or office setup. So what are you waiting for? Get the Intel NUC NUC5PGYH today and start enjoying its powerful capabilities!