Hakko FX-601 Soldering Iron Review

Hakko FX-601 Soldering Iron Review
The overview is that the Hakko FX-601 is a high-quality soldering iron with a wide range of temperature settings, an ergonomic design, and a quick heat-up time.

One feature that sets it apart from other soldering irons is its LCD display which clearly shows the current temperature setting.

The iron also has a ceramic heating element for efficient and uniform heat distribution.

In terms of performance, the Hakko FX-601 easily handles complex soldering jobs and delivers clean and precise results.

Are you looking for a quality soldering iron that is perfect for hobbyists and DIY enthusiasts? If so, the Hakko FX-601 is a great option to consider. This soldering iron has many features that make it stand out from the competition, including adjustable temperature control and an ergonomic design.

In this blog post, we will take a closer look at the Hakko FX-601 and discuss why we think it is one of the best soldering irons on the market today.


  • No rheostat needed;
  • Adjustable “electronic” closed-loop temperature control;
  • Temperature range: 464° – 1004°F;
  • Ceramic heating element;
  • Temperature control sensor in heater ensures consistent heat;
  • Efficient heating (requires less energy = less wattage needed);
  • Quick thermal recovery;
  • Lightweight (only 2.4 oz without cord);
  • Slender, ergonomic handpiece;
  • 3-wire power cord;
  • Extra long 6 ft. power cord;
  • UL/CSA approved;



The Hakko FX-601 is ideal for all of your stained glass soldering applications, from small decorative projects to large window panels. This extremely lightweight, temperature-controlled soldering iron has an ergonomic handpiece that allows you to solder for long periods of time without hand fatigue.

The included stand has a built-in cleaning sponge, making it easy to keep your iron clean and well-maintained. The quick-change tip design allows you to switch out tips in seconds, saving time and increasing efficiency.

The soldering iron also features a convenient temperature adjustment dial in the handpiece that allows the user to select their optimal soldering temperature, and the advanced electronic controls and efficient ceramic heater provide accuracy and stability that rival older Hakko stick irons.



The Hakko FX-601 is a stand-alone soldering iron, which is suitable for heavy-duty soldering work where a lot of heat is required.

These actions include work on chassis, large connectors, and transformers in all different kinds of applications such as general production, sheet metal, maintenance work, etc.

With the newly redesigned T19 series soldering tip, the FX-601 achieves great heat conductivity and recovery without increasing its power consumption, as compared to a conventional Hakko soldering iron. Its lightweight and compact design mean that the FX-601 is very easy to handle. The LED on the iron provides a good indication of when the desired temperature has been reached. On top of that, the Hakko also has a calibration screw to adjust the temperature accuracy. The soldering iron also has a locking feature to prevent accidentally changing the temperature setting.

In our testing, the Hakko FX-601 performed superbly in both fine and heavy soldering applications. The temperature control allowed for precise and consistent results, and we did not experience any issues with overheating or heat loss during extended periods of use.

The iron’s pointed tip also made it easy to navigate tight spaces and create smooth seams without excessive heat buildup in the surrounding area. Overall, we were highly impressed with the performance of this soldering iron and have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone in need of a reliable tool for stained glass work.


This soldering iron unfortunately does not come with a stand or brass wool. But the Hakko 633-01 is a good alternative and complements this soldering iron very well.


  • Adjustable “electronic” closed-loop temperature control;
  • Dial the temperature you want;
  • Temperature control sensor in heater ensures consistent heat;
  • Slender, ergonomic handpiece;
  • Durable construction with cord strain relief;
  • Optimal for soldering work where a high amount of heat is required;
  • Superior heat conductivity;
  • Compact and lightweight;
  • LED informs you when the set temperature has been reached;
  • Turn CAL to have a more accurate temperature;
  • Comes with a T19-D65 chisel tip;
  • Ideal for hobbyists such as stained glass workers;
  • Ceramic heating element for efficient heating;
  • Excellent for larger soldering work;


  • Expensive;
  • Requires additional tips;
  • A little locking mechanism;
  • Not sturdy;
The Hakko FX601-02 is the next generation of variable temperature-controlled soldering irons. It is ideal for soldering applications that require mobility or a long reach, such as soldering solar panels, etc.


The extremely lightweight, ergonomic handpiece allows you to solder for long periods of time without hand fatigue.

Main Features

Temperature Range

In our experience, the Hakko FX-601 soldering iron has proven to be an excellent tool for all my soldering needs. The wide temperature range allows me to easily work with a variety of materials, from delicate electronic components to heavier gauge wires.

The ceramic heater ensures fast heat up and recovery time, allowing me to work efficiently without worrying about the iron cooling down too quickly. The adjustable temperature control dial is also a handy feature, giving me precise control over the heat output.

Ergonomic Design

Another notable feature of the FX-601 is its ergonomic design. The comfortable grip and light weight make it easy to handle for extended periods of time, reducing hand fatigue. The slim tip also allows for precision in tight spaces, making soldering easier and more accurate.

Adjustable Tip

The FX-601 also has an adjustable tip feature, allowing me to quickly and easily switch between various tip sizes for different soldering tasks. This saves me time and hassle from having to constantly switch out tips.


The simple, straightforward controls make it easy to use and adjust the temperature and tip.

We highly recommend the Hakko FX-601 soldering iron for all your soldering needs. Its versatile features and ergonomic design make it a valuable addition to any toolkit.

Main Features

The FX-601 also has a convenient power button and indicator light for added safety and ease of use. Overall, we highly recommend the Hakko FX-601 soldering iron for its versatility, convenience, and overall top-notch performance.


What size tip is included with the Hakko FX-601 iron?

The tip included is 3/16.

Is the shank diameter of the Hakko FX-601 iron’s replaceable tip 6.5mm?

The Hakko FX0601-02 tip is the T19 series, 900M will not fit. There are 10 possible replacement tip variations available, T19 tip series, at $12.57 each.

What temperature from Hakko FX-601 is required for stained glass, and copper foil?

The proper temperature actually depends on the alloy solder you are using. Standard stained glass solders melt at about 361 degrees F. The iron needs to be hot enough to hold sufficient heat to drag the solder along the foil. 600-650 would be the minimum temperature. To use depending on the size of the surface being soldered.

Why does my Hakko FX-601 light flash from time to time?

The light flashes when the iron has reached the temperature indicated on the dial. If you change the temperature, it will flash when it reaches the new desired temperature.

What is the maximum temperature of Hakko FX-601?

The maximum temperature is 900 degrees F.

Does Hakko FX-601 come with a stand or holder?

No, but you can purchase our 602 generic soldering iron holder

Does anyone have any idea how long the cord of the Hakko FX-601 is?

The cord is 5 ft. long. It heats up in 10 seconds and allows for a smooth application of solder. You may stain glass and keep the temperature moderate.

Where are Hakko soldering irons made?

The Hakko FX-601 soldering iron is made in Japan. Many users praise its high quality and durability, attributing it to the fact that it is made in a country known for precision manufacturing. Also, Hakko has a reputation for consistently producing reliable soldering tools.

What tips are compatible with the Hakko FX-601?

The Hakko FX-601 is compatible with both HAKKO T18 Series and HAKKO 900M Series interchangeable tips. This gives users a wide range of tip shapes and sizes to choose from, allowing them to work on various projects with ease.

What temperature range does the Hakko FX-601 reach?

The Hakko FX-601 has a temperature range from 392°F to 896°F.

Users also have the option to fine-tune the temperature using the adjustable knob located on the handle. This allows for precise and efficient soldering.

What features does the Hakko FX-601 have?

The Hakko FX-601 has a slim, ergonomic design that allows for comfortable extended use. It also has a ceramic heating element for quick heat-up and recovery time. Additionally, it has an ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) safe design to protect sensitive components from damage. Lastly, it comes with a stand and cleaning sponge for convenient storage and maintenance.

How does the temperature adjust on the Hakko FX-601?

The temperature on the Hakko FX-601 can be adjusted by rotating the knob at the base of the handle. It also has a digital display that shows the current temperature setting.

Where are Hakko tools made?

The Hakko FX-601 soldering iron, along with all other Hakko tools, is manufactured in Japan. This means that it is held to high standards of quality and precision. The FX-601 features an easy-to-use dial for adjusting the temperature up to 900°F. It also has a heat indicator light that

How do you clean a Hakko soldering iron?

The Hakko FX-601 soldering iron has a detachable cleaning sponge attached to the iron stand. To clean the soldering iron tip, simply wipe it on the sponge while the iron is hot.

Additionally, the Hakko FX-601 also comes with a removable safety rest that doubles as a cleaning pad for more thorough cleaning.

Overall, the design of the Hakko FX-601 makes it easy to keep the soldering iron tip clean and well-maintained.

Are copper soldering tips better?

When it comes to soldering, the type of tip you use can make a significant impact on your results. Copper tips are often preferred because they heat up quickly and evenly and have better thermal conductivity.

The Hakko FX-601 soldering iron has a copper tip which helps with efficient and precise soldering for small electronic components. It also has an adjustable temperature range of 200-480 degrees Celsius and an ergonomic handle for comfortable use.

How long do soldering iron tips last?

The longevity of soldering iron tips depends on a variety of factors, including the materials used in the tip and how well it is maintained and cared for. However, with proper care and maintenance, the Hakko FX-601 Soldering Iron’s high-quality ceramic heater and stainless steel construction result in long-lasting tips that can last for months or even years of frequent use.

In addition to its durable tip construction, the Hakko FX-601 also offers precise temperature control and a comfortable ergonomic design for extended use. Its quick heat-up time allows for efficient work, and its wide range of interchangeable tips makes it versatile for various projects.

Why is tinning a soldering iron important?

Tinning a soldering iron helps to improve the heat transfer between the iron and the solder, resulting in better, smoother solder joints. It also helps prevent oxidation of the tip, prolonging its lifespan.

How does the Hakko FX-601 handle thinning?

The Hakko FX-601 has a convenient built-in spongeless tinning feature. This allows for easy and efficient tinning of the tip without the need for a separate sponge.

Can I clean the soldering iron with sal ammoniac?

No, it is not recommended to clean the soldering iron with sal ammoniac as it can damage the tip of the iron and potentially harm your health. It is recommended to instead use a sponge or brass wool pad soaked in the cleaning solution.

Additionally, regularly removing excess solder from the tip using a dampened brass wool pad can help maintain its effectiveness.

Overall, properly maintaining your soldering iron will ensure its longevity and improve your overall experience with the tool. The Hakko FX-601 soldering iron comes with a handy cleaning station that makes it easy to keep your tool in top shape.

In conclusion, while sal ammoniac may seem like an easy solution for cleaning the soldering iron, it is not recommended for use with the Hakko FX-601. Proper maintenance and cleaning techniques will ensure the best results and prolong the lifetime of your tool.

How many watts is a good soldering iron?

There is no one right answer to this question as it depends on the specific task being performed. However, in general, soldering irons with higher wattage (typically around 40-60 watts) are able to heat up faster and maintain a higher temperature for longer periods of time, making them better suited for more demanding soldering tasks.

The Hakko FX-601 soldering iron has a wattage of 60 W, putting it in the higher end of the wattage range. This allows for quick heating and a consistently high temperature, making it well-suited for more challenging soldering tasks.

Can you get lead poisoning from touching solder?

[/tds_warning]There is a very small risk of lead poisoning from touching the solder, as some types of solder do contain lead.[/tds_warning]

However, the amount of lead exposure from touching solder is typically not enough to cause harm. It is important to wash your hands after using solder and to avoid ingesting it.

In terms of choosing a soldering iron, the Hakko FX-601 has received praise for its precise temperature control and durable design. Users also appreciate the convenience of being able to switch between different tips for different projects. Overall, the Hakko FX-601 is a reliable option for those in need of a high-quality soldering iron.

Is a wood burner the same as a soldering iron?

No, a wood burner is used for burning and shaping wood, while a soldering iron is used for joining metal pieces together.

Why should I choose the Hakko FX-601 over other models?

The Hakko FX-601 has an adjustable temperature range of 200°C to 480°C, making it suitable for a variety of soldering tasks. It also features a slim and ergonomic design, allowing for comfortable use during extended periods.

In terms of performance, the FX-601 heats up quickly and maintains a consistent temperature throughout use. Overall, it is a reliable and efficient tool for both hobbyists and professionals alike.

What type of soldering iron should I use for electronics?

For electronics, it is recommended to use a pencil-style soldering iron with adjustable temperature control. The Hakko FX-601 fits this description and would be a suitable option for soldering electronic components.

However, it is important to note that some sensitive components may require a lower temperature setting in order to avoid damage. It is always best to research the appropriate temperature range for your specific project before starting any soldering work.

Are USB soldering irons any good?

It depends on the specific model and its capabilities. In general, USB soldering irons tend to be lower in power and may not reach high enough temperatures for certain tasks. They also may not maintain a consistent temperature as well as traditional soldering irons. However, they can be convenient for small projects or when access to electricity is limited. It is best to research and compare the features of different models before making a decision.

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