Hakko FM-202 Soldering Station Review

Hakko FM-202 Soldering Station Review

The Hakko FM-202 soldering station is a reliable and efficient tool for any electronics hobbyist or professional. Its adjustable temperature settings and lightweight design make it easy to use for a variety of projects. The included iron is durable and heats up quickly, allowing for smooth and precise soldering. Overall, the FM-202 is a great choice for anyone in need of a high-quality soldering station.

Are you looking for a quality soldering station that is perfect for your needs? If so, the Hakko FM-202 may be just what you are looking for. In this review, we will take a look at all of the features that this soldering station has to offer and see how it compares to some of the other stations on the market. We will also discuss the pros and cons of this station so that you can decide if it is the right one for you.


  • The dimensions of this soldering iron are 11.9 x 7.9 x 3 inches;
  • It weighs about 3.4 pounds;
  • Corded electric tool;
  • Dual-heat gun;
  • It produces 300 or 200-watt;
  • Nickel-plated copper body;
  • Heat resistant-thermoplastic housing;
  • Durable grounded 2-wire cord;
  • The temperature range is between 900-1100F;
  • Supplied tips are 7250, 6150, and 6160;
  • Fingertip heat control;



The tool has a maximum output of 300 watts, making it ideal for most soldering jobs.

It comes with different attachments, including a flux brush, blow-molded case, and more.

Twin lights in the unique design illuminate your workspace to help you work faster.

It is made of long-lasting material, as it features a tough exterior construction. Additionally, the innovative nickel-plated structure and robust plastic casing allow you to enjoy your soldering jobs in style.

The complete set also includes a heavy-duty grounded cord that effectively manages the electricity flow. The innovative wire design is sturdy and may ensure a consistent electronic connection for your needs.

The two-wire cord is another advantage. It offers a consistent power supply while also assuring optimum safety when working on projects. The two-wire cable also protects against issues such as voltage spikes effectively.



The industrial soldering gun is one of the best and most dependable industrial products. When compared to other Hakko solutions, it also has the greatest output power.

The tool is basically a heat gun that produces around 200-300 watts of power. It has a heat-resistant thermoplastic housing to ensure your safety while using it. Furthermore, the Weller D650 has an incredible fingertip heat selector switch, a two-wire heavy-duty cord, and excellent insulation to protect you from costly mistakes.

You will discover that there are no limits to the soldering jobs you may complete when you buy a Hakko. It’s lightweight and designed for comfort and ease of use over a long period. Its slender tip enables you to work on small projects while also allowing access to confined spaces.

The device is ideal for all levels of soldering, from beginners to experts, making it the all-time favorite soldering gun.


  • Ultra Tip tech delivers copper-based tips with chrome plating;
  • Versatile applications;
  • 20-80 watt electric iron;
  • Portable and cordless;
  • Adjustable temperature range;


  • The piezoelectric igniter issues;
  • Bad package;
  • No manual;
  • The included pliers are flimsy;


This lightweight butane-powered tool means portability – perfect for delicate jobs when you need it most. Detailed with an adjustable temperature range, so you can find just what you need for any job in any situation. The durable handheld design is always ready to use right out of the box in just 30 seconds, using whatever fuel is handy (propane or butane).

Main Features


The power rating of soldering iron does not always indicate its temperature.

However, since you can’t know for sure unless the manufacturer provides this information in their product description or reviews, it’s best practice to choose one that has at least 50W and heats up quickly between 700-800F.

You need an adjustable temperature control so you can pick whatever setting is appropriate when desoldering wires from components during electronics projects without burning through solder points too fast. Lower temperatures are also useful for working with sensitive materials like leadless chip carriers that require precise thermal management to avoid damaging delicate circuitry underneath the surface layer after soldering them together.

Main Features

Temperature Control

The tool features a steel-pipe construction that improves heat dissipation and lowers the handle’s temperature.

Because of this useful feature, you will be able to avoid plastic from melting due to the heat. This is a temperature-controllable soldering iron that comes with a unique thermostat circuit that allows you to regulate and modify the temperature as needed.

This chip-fixed resistor will speed up the heating of the iron tip, allowing for greater heat dissipation efficiency and a more stable quality tool. With a softer grip, this soldering iron provides a more pleasant soldering experience.

You’ll get five separate tips, a soldering stand, solder wire, a de-soldering pump, and anti-static tweezers. This soldering iron kit lets you do all sorts of soldering tasks simply by connecting it to your PC and pressing the button.

Adjustable Tips

Users will appreciate the wide range of tip temperatures, which can reach up to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit. This also allows you to utilize heavy-duty and continuous soldering applications for your requirements. The unique tip design is also effective and may endure many times longer than other soldering guns.

The manufacturers of this electric soldering gun have also done a wonderful job at making it handy and easy to use. In fact, the product’s innovative shape gives it an almost immediate response when working.

Main Features

It has an unusual plugin tip and component that is simple to put together. he tip design is also quite robust, with several days of dependable performance. It’s easy to control the soldering gun, and the unusual form provides a very quick user response.


Why does my Hakko FM-202 or FM-203 display show “-”?

When the HAKKO FM-202 or HAKKO FM-203 display is flashing —, this is usually an indication that the system has experienced a software problem and the system needs to be reset. This problem sometimes happens when an electrical anomaly corrupts the parameters for the station which are stored in non-volatile RAM.

Turn off the unit and insert the key card. While holding the * and # keys, turn the unit back on. For the HAKKO FM-202, the display will show 7U (the setting for the United States). If the display shows 7A (setting for Asia) press the UP or DOWN button until the display reads 7U. Press the * key to save the setting.

What are the FM-202 Tip ID numbers for FM-2023 tip pairs?

The Tip Identification Number (TIN) for all T9 Series tips is 03.

How do T15 tips differ from the older tips for the FM-202?

There is no difference between the Hakko T15 Series Composite Tips and the older T7 Series Composite Tips.

Hakko is always working to improve product performance, and through proprietary process controls during the production of the tips, we have been able to improve the temperature accuracy of our composite tips.

The part number was changed as part of our globalization effort to have one common tip part number for our composite tips regardless of the country where they are sold.

The improvement in the production of the tip means that the use of the process gate to identify to the station the thermal characteristics of the tip is no longer necessary. Turning off the process gate allows the operator to eliminate the step of identifying the tip to the station through the process gate, saving time and improving productivity.

Are Hakko irons good?

Never worry about projects taking more time, with the device you’ll be able to build at your pace and never miss a deadline. With a speedy six-second heat-up and reliable performance for years to come – this kit is ideal for any project.

The device can be really useful for craftsmen, do-it-yourselfers, and professionals who take their work seriously. It has a convenient low-to-high heat range with variable adjustable power settings that are easy to operate. The heavy-duty construction allows it to be used around the house or at power plants, where extreme temperatures are part of its everyday life.

Is Hakko Made in Japan?

Yes. One of the most important tools for any DIYer is a soldering iron. They are easy to use, can be picked up at any hardware store, and come in many different varieties with all sorts of features.

How do you use Hakko FM-202?

This soldering gun produces either 200 or 300 watts of power, depending on the trigger option.

How do I adjust my Hakko FM-202?

The in-built light, for example, delivers a constant and dependable supply of lighting power.

Aside from that, the device’s heat-generating capabilities allow it to generate a maximum of 140 watts of constant power. This is more than enough electricity to work on your favorite soldering projects.

With its distinct pistol grip design, this soldering gun fits well in the user’s hands. Furthermore, the ergonomic handle ensures consistent soldering accuracy and outcomes every time.

How do you clean a Hakko FM-202 soldering iron?

The best way to clean your Weller soldering gun is by using the help of a desoldering pump [1].

After removing any excess solder, you should immediately turn off and unplug your soldering iron. Then, remove the tip from the device by pressing down on it until you hear an audible click. Put that into its separate storage box or tube for safekeeping. Now reach for your desolder tool’s plunger and place it against anything but the opening through which hot air will escape through when you squeeze with all of your might!

Begin pumping away at this area while shaking up and down around three times per second (for 30 seconds). Remove each piece after finishing one before adding more pieces throughout this process.

You can also try using a desoldering wick, which is even easier to use.

Start by removing any excess solder from the tip of your Weller soldering gun and then turn it off and unplug it before moving on to the next step: replacing its tip if necessary.

Then reattach everything back together once you’re done with all steps in this process (and plugging it back into an outlet). Cut out about one inch of each end of some desoldering wick, leaving the only metal exposed at either side for this task.

Place that metallic surface up against whatever opening will allow hot air through when squeezed – not necessarily directly touching what you plan on cleaning! Now press down hard on both ends so they’re held tightly against the components in question, and then give it a few seconds to do so.

The only drawback of using a wick is that you have to be extremely careful when cleaning up any excess solder because they can’t withstand as much heat as other tools used for this particular task.

If anything gets too hot, it will melt easily from its tip or even into those metal pieces at either end! You’ll have to remove them immediately if that happens by cutting off more of each piece with your desoldering wick set – just remember not to expose any wire underneath!

How many watts is a good soldering iron?

This tool is high-powered, which makes it ideal for some heat-intensive tasks. It’s typically used in manufacturing and industry due to its versatility.

This soldering iron comes with a 7-year guarantee, which is more than most brands. The tool’s longevity is proven by the long warranty offered by Weller.

It takes 6 seconds for this equipment to heat up. In other words, it is ready to use in a few seconds after heating up. The instrument has a pistol-grip design and isn’t too heavy for soldering metal.

What temperature do you set on a Hakko soldering iron?

A built-in holder is another useful feature since soldering irons can get pretty hot during prolonged usage which increases the risk of injuring yourself if they’re accidentally knocked over.

A holder also helps you avoid burning it into your workbench or tabletop, and prevents the tip from getting dirty when not in use which can affect its performance.

Is Hakko in Celsius or Fahrenheit?

If you do a lot of soldering, then it’s recommended that you invest in a desoldering tool that helps remove solder from areas where it shouldn’t be present. This is important because there could potentially be dangerous consequences if too much solder gets stuck in seams on components with tiny surfaces or other sensitive equipment that can become damaged when exposed to high heat for long periods without adequate protection.

How do I change my Hakko FM-202 tip?

Soldering irons are used in conjunction with solder, a metal alloy that’s heated until it melts and spreads out evenly across seams where two or more components need to be connected.

It’s important for this material not to break down when exposed to high temperatures because the metals inside can damage sensitive electronic equipment if something goes wrong during soldering jobs.

The solder should create strong bonds between pieces of metal without requiring lots of effort on your part, so it needs to have an appropriate amount of flux mixed into its formula in order for you to get the job done right whenever working on electronics projects at home or doing repairs around buildings owned by commercial businesses.

Is 60w soldering iron good?

This compact, lightweight, and easy-to-use cordless model is ready for use in 30 seconds with an adjustable temperature lever. You can get high-end Ultra Tip tech soldering tips that last longer than standard brass tips. It’s the equivalent of an electric iron with power ratings up to 1202 degrees Fahrenheit – perfect for repairing vinyl or for pinpoint heating.

Useful Video: Hakko FM-202 Soldering Station Simple Temperature Control Lock Out Card Bypass


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