CR2016 vs. CR2032 Batteries: What is the Difference?

CR2016 vs. CR2032 Batteries: What is the Difference?

Which battery is better for your needs, CR2016 or CR2032? It can be confusing trying to figure out the difference between these two types of batteries, but don’t worry, we’re here to help! In this comprehensive guide, we will answer common questions about both batteries and help you decide which one is best for you. So whether you’re looking for a battery to power your electronics or need something for a more specific purpose, read on for the information you need to make an informed decision.

What are Lithium Batteries?

Lithium batteries are the best type of battery for use in devices that require lots and just power, such as digital cameras or laptops. These types can provide more energy than other forms which allows them to work with ease on your device’s circuit boards!

Lithium ion batteries are the power pack of choice for today’s technology. They come in two main types: lithium cobalt oxide (LCO) and manganese dioxide, which offer high energy densities with shorter cycles lives compared to LMOs. LMO varieties on other hand have low density but longer life.

What are Lithium Batteries?

The most commonly used types of lithium coin batteries are BR and CR series. [1], [2], [3]

Difference Between BR and CR

BR batteries, or button-type batteries, are a type of lithium battery that is used in small devices such as toys, digital watches, and hearing aids. BR stands for button rechargeable.

CR batteries, or coin-type batteries, are a type of lithium ion battery that is used in larger devices such as card readers, laser pointers, cameras and many more items, most of which can be found in your household. CR stands for coin rechargeable.

One difference between BR and CR batteries is their size. BR batteries are smaller than CR batteries and can be used in smaller devices. CR batteries are larger than BR batteries and can be used in larger devices.

BR type batteries are also more resistant to high temperatures although CR variants function in high temperature environments pretty well too.

Another difference between BR and CR batteries is their voltage. BR batteries have a voltage of 1.5 volts, while CR batteries have a voltage of about three volts. [2], [3]

CR Series Batteries in General

The CR series of batteries are Lithium ion batteries that come in a variety of sizes, including CR2016, CR2025, CR2032, and CR2430.

First two digits in the name of the battery indicate the size of the battery in millimeters. So, a CR2032 battery is 20mm by 32mm. In addition, you might be interested in CR2025 vs. CR2032 batteries comparison.

Second two digits on other hand, indicate the thickness of the battery. So, a CR2016 battery is about one and a half millimeters thick, while a CR2032 battery is three millimeters thick. All this makes it easier to find the battery of the exact size and capacity that you need.

CR Series Batteries in General

CR batteries are a type of battery that is commonly found in small electronics. The CR stands for “coin cell” as these batteries are typically used in devices like watches, calculators, and car keys.

There are many different types of CR batteries, but the two most popular ones are the CR2016 and CR2032. They’re both lithium-ion batteries, but they have different dimensions and capacities. Both of these batteries have their pros and cons, and it can be tricky to decide which one to use.

The CR2016 is a small battery, about the size of a nickel. It has a capacity of 90mAh. The CR2032 is larger, about the size of a quarter, and has a capacity of 240mAh.

Lithium coin batteries are used in a variety of devices, from watches to computers. They can be interchangeable on paper, but there’s a lot you need to keep in mind so we wouldn’t suggest that. As to why, we will get to that later.

Each of the batteries has a shelf life of around ten years. They can both be used in temperatures from -30 degrees Celsius to 60 degrees Celsius. The main difference between these two batteries is their width and capacity.  [1], [2]

Main Differences Between CR2016 and CR2032 Batteries

Battery Physical Size

The size of CR2016 and CR2032 batteries is the most significant distinction between them. A CR2016 battery has a diameter of about 1.6 millimeters, whereas a CR2032 battery has a diameter of about 3.2 millimeters. This means that CR2016 batteries are about half the size of CR2032 batteries in terms of diameter.

Main Differences Between CR2016 and CR2032 Batteries

The CR2032 is a larger version of the popular 2016 battery and it’s often found in high-valued devices like digital cameras. Because these batteries last longer than their smaller counterparts, they’re great for any gadget that requires substantial power for them to function. [2], [4], [5], [6], [7], [8]

Battery Capacity

Battery capacity is an important factor to consider when choosing a CR battery.

The battery capacity is the measure of energy that can be stored in a cell. This makes it important because you’ll want your device’s batteries to last as long possible, and higher capacities mean longer life spans for those cells! The CR2016 has 90mAh while its counterpart (the 2032) only offers 240 milliamp hours as we mentioned prior.

All this means that the CR2032 battery can store more energy than the CR2016 battery. This means that it can be used in devices that require more power, such as car remotes and cameras.

The capacity of your battery is important because it determines how long you’ll be able to use the device before needing another one. A higher quality, longer lasting CR2032 will last around 10 hours if utilized at an average level while standard batteries only provide 6 from certain brands depending on usage patterns and environmental conditions such as temperature or voltage fluctuations in excess.

The CR2016 is a great choice for devices that require a small amount of power like watches or calculators. What’s more, its size makes it perfect for smaller devices, where a larger battery just wouldn’t fit.

So as you can see, in general, CR2032 batteries have a higher capacity than CR2016 batteries. This means that they will last longer in devices that require a CR battery. If you need a battery that will last for a long time, then you should use a CR2032 battery.

But if you’re looking for something small and lightweight, then the CR2016 is a better choice. It has less capacity than the CR2032, but it’s still enough to power most small devices.  [2], [4], [5], [6], [7], [8]

Battery Thickness

The CR2016 battery is about twice as thin than the thicker CR2032. The 2016 model measures at 1.6mm thick while its counterpart is 3mm on average.

The thickness of a battery affects its weight and portability. The CR2016 battery is a lightweight and portable option that will be perfect for those who need their devices to take up as little space or weight.

But if you need a more powerful battery, then the CR2032 is a better option. It is thicker, yes but it can be used in devices that require more energy. [2], [4], [5], [6], [7], [8]

Longevity of Both Batteries

Longevity is another important factor to consider when choosing a CR battery.

Longevity of Both Batteries

The longevity of a battery depends entirely on its capacity. The battery capacity of a CR2016 versus an 2032 is 90mAh vs 240 mAh. This means that the CR2032 will last twice as long as the CR2016.

When it comes to shelf life though, CR2016 and CR2032 batteries are both good for up to ten years[2], [4], [5], [6], [7], [8]

Uses for Both batteries

When it comes to batteries, the size of your device matters. In general terms you can use CR2032s in smaller electronics and CR2016 for larger ones but there are some exceptions that will affect how they behave so make sure to check if the battery is compatible with your device before buying.

The difference in capacity between CR2032 and 2016 batteries is what causes them to be used for certain devices. For example, digital cameras require more power than toy cars do – this means that they need a proper so their components don’t overheat or wear out quickly under heavy use which could lead into immediate failure if not properly cared-for.  [2], [4], [5], [6], [7], [8]

What About CR2025 Batteries?

The CR2025 and the more common version, the CR2032 are very similar batteries. They both have lithium ion cells that produce 3 volts of power each to operate your device’s electronics but they vary slightly in size as well. CR2025 is 2mm thick being thinner than its CR2032 counterpart.

The CR2025 battery is a lower capacity version of the famous lithium ion polymer batteries. It’s capacity is just 165mAh, while the CR2032 battery has a capacity of 240mAh. This means that the CR2025 battery will last about 50% as long as the CR2032 battery.

CR2032 batteries are used in products that require more energy than CR2025 batteries, such as digital clocks and calculators. They aren’t commonly utilized in gadgets that need a lot of power, because this can lead to a lot of issues in the long run. [4]

Can You Recharge CR-Series Batteries?

Another important difference between CR2016 and CR2032 batteries is whether or not they can be recharged. Both CR2016 and CR2032 are disposable batteries, which means that they cannot be recharged.

This is because both batteries are lithium batteries. Lithium could easily spill out if the battery were to be recharged. So it’s important to remember that CR2016 and CR2032 batteries should be disposed of properly after they are out of charge. [2], [3], [7], [8]

How to Find the Type of Battery Your Device Needs?

The easiest way to determine the battery you need is to check your device’s user manual. If you don’t have the user manual, look for a label on the device that lists the battery type required. You can also visit the manufacturer’s website and search for your device to find out what type of battery it uses.

Once you know the battery type, compare it with the types available in stores. Batteries are typically labeled with their voltage and size. [2], [3], [7], [8]

Are CR2032 and CR2016 Truly Interchangeable?

The simple answer is yes, CR2032 and CR2016 batteries are interchangeable. But it isn’t recommended to replace one by another. This is because CR2032 batteries have a higher capacity than CR2016 batteries.

If you use a CR2032 battery in a device that requires a CR2016 battery, the device may not work properly. The same is true for using a CR2016 battery in a device that requires a CR2032 battery.

It’s important to note that some devices are specifically designed for either the CR2016 or the CR2032 battery. So it’s always best to check your device’s instructions to find out which type of battery your device needs. It’s better to be safe than sorry after all.

In general, if your device doesn’t require a lot of power, then you can use the CR2016 battery. If your device requires more power, then you should use the CR2032 one instead. Some devices simply won’t even function if you use a battery with low capacity.

However, if you need to use a device right away and have only one type on hand, there are a few things you should keep in mind when using them interchangeably:

  • CR2016 will not last as long as CR2032 if used in devices that require a lot of power, such as digital cameras, motherboards.
  • CR2016 batteries are also narrower than CR2032 batteries. This may cause some devices to be unstable or difficult to operate with CR2016 batteries installed. [2], [3], [7], [8]

So Does the Battery Choice Matter?

The battery choice matters if you want a battery that will last longer, or if your device requires more power. Otherwise, the two batteries are pretty much interchangeable.

So Does the Battery Choice Matter?

To prove how interchangeable they are, we will jot down the similarities and advantages of each one.

Resistance to high and cold temperatures

The two batteries have similar resistance to high and cold temperatures. They can be stored in a temperature range from -20 degrees Celsius all the way up until 60 degree mark, making them great for devices that are used outdoors or located near colder areas where their usage may require some warmer climates on occasion!

Low self-discharge

Both batteries have a low self-discharge rate, which means they will hold their charge for a longer period of time. This quality is beneficial for devices that are not used often, or if you need to store the battery for an extended period of time.

For example, it was noted that after 10 years both CR2016 and CR2032 retain 90% of their original capacity. The difference may not seem like much, but it can make a big difference in terms of overall performance.

High voltage

Both batteries have a high voltage of 3 volts, which is great for devices that require a lot of power. This is impressive for a battery of such a small size!


CR batteries have no mercury or cadmium, making them a safer choice for your devices and the environment.

They also come with a hermetically sealed case that is made of stainless steel. This provides an extra layer of safety for your devices, as it keeps the battery from corroding and/or leaking.

However due to their small size, CR batteries can be easily swallowed by young children. So if you have small children around, it is important to keep these batteries out of their reach. [2], [3], [7], [8]

CR2016 vs. CR2032 Batteries: Comparison Table

Batteries are essential power sources for various electronic devices, ranging from small gadgets to medical devices. CR2016 and CR2032 are both coin cell batteries commonly used in different applications. This table provides a comparison of various indicators between CR2016 and CR2032 batteries to highlight their differences.

Indicator CR2016 Battery CR2032 Battery
Cell Size 20mm x 1.6mm 20mm x 3.2mm
Nominal Voltage 3V 3V
Capacity 75mAh 220mAh
Typical Applications Watches, calculators, key fobs Key fobs, medical devices, small electronics
Usage Low-power devices Low to medium-power devices
Dimensions 16mm diameter 20mm diameter
Availability Widely available Widely available
Price (may vary) Lower Slightly higher

Explanation of the Table:

  1. Cell Size: Both batteries have the same diameter of 20mm, but CR2032 is thicker with a height of 3.2mm compared to CR2016, which has a height of 1.6mm.
  2. Nominal Voltage: Both CR2016 and CR2032 batteries have a nominal voltage of 3V, which is standard for coin cell batteries.
  3. Capacity: CR2032 has a higher capacity of 220mAh compared to CR2016, which has a capacity of 75mAh. This means CR2032 can power devices for a longer duration.
  4. Typical Applications: While both batteries find application in key fobs and small electronics, CR2016 is commonly used in watches, calculators, and devices that require lower power consumption. CR2032, with its higher capacity, is often used in medical devices and slightly more power-hungry electronics.
  5. Usage: CR2016 is suitable for low-power devices, whereas CR2032 can power low to medium-power devices effectively.
  6. Dimensions: CR2016 is smaller in thickness with a diameter of 16mm, whereas CR2032 has a standard 20mm diameter.
  7. Availability: Both batteries are widely available in the market.
  8. Price: Generally, CR2016 batteries are priced lower than CR2032 batteries due to their lower capacity.

This table provides a clear comparison of key indicators between CR2016 and CR2032 batteries, helping users choose the appropriate battery for their specific needs based on the device’s power requirements and size constraints.

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Can You Use CR2016 instead of CR2032?

In theory, you can use one instead of another due to the similarities they have but there are some key factors to consider. The CR2032 is a little bit thicker than the CR2016 so if you’re trying to fit it into a device that’s designed for the latter, it may not fit. Additionally, the capacity of the CR2016 is lower so it may not last as long. It even might lead to device malfunctioning and such a mistake could have easily been avoided by using the intended battery.

What Are CR2016 Batteries Used for?

Due to their small capacity, CR2016 batteries are often used in devices such as watches and car key fobs. These devices are small and don’t require much power

Are BR batteries better than CR batteries?

There is no definitive answer to this question as both battery types have their own advantages and disadvantages. BR batteries tend to be a bit more expensive than CR batteries, but they also tend to have a longer lifespan. CR batteries are generally less expensive and can provide more power in high-drain devices. Ultimately, it is up to the individual consumer to decide which type of battery is best for their needs.

Are CR2016 and CR2032 batteries interchangeable?

CR2016 and CR2032 batteries are not interchangeable in most cases due to their differing dimensions and capacities. CR2016 batteries are thinner and have a lower capacity compared to CR2032 batteries. Using the wrong battery size may lead to improper fit, reduced performance, or damage to the device.

Which devices are compatible with CR2016 batteries?

CR2016 batteries are commonly found in smaller devices that require less power, such as key fobs, remote controls, small electronic toys, and some wristwatches. Their compact size and moderate capacity make them suitable for applications that don’t demand a high power output.

Which devices are compatible with CR2032 batteries?

CR2032 batteries are more commonly used in devices that require a higher power output and longer battery life. These include computer motherboards, calculators, digital thermometers, fitness trackers, medical devices, and various small electronic gadgets.

What is the typical capacity difference between CR2016 and CR2032 batteries?

CR2016 batteries usually have a capacity in the range of 75 to 90 mAh (milliampere-hours), whereas CR2032 batteries typically have a capacity ranging from 210 to 240 mAh. This significant capacity difference impacts the duration for which each battery can power a device.

Can CR2016 batteries be used in low-power devices instead of CR2032 batteries?

Yes, CR2016 batteries can be used in place of CR2032 batteries for devices that demand lower power output. However, it’s essential to consider the capacity difference. CR2016 batteries may require more frequent replacement in high-power devices, as they cannot provide the same long-lasting performance as CR2032 batteries.

Can CR2032 batteries be used in high-power devices instead of CR2016 batteries?

Yes, CR2032 batteries can be used in place of CR2016 batteries for high-power devices. Their higher capacity allows them to deliver sufficient power for longer durations, making them suitable for applications with higher energy requirements.

Which battery type is more cost-effective in the long run?

CR2032 batteries are generally more cost-effective in the long run, especially for devices that demand higher power output and have longer usage periods. Their higher capacity means they will need replacement less frequently compared to CR2016 batteries, ultimately saving on replacement costs.

Are there any safety considerations when using these batteries?

As with all batteries, it’s essential to handle CR2016 and CR2032 batteries with care. Avoid short-circuiting, puncturing, or disposing of them in fire. If used in devices that generate heat, monitor for excessive temperature buildup. Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for battery usage and disposal to ensure safe and proper operation.

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So, what’s the difference between a CR2016 and a CR2032 battery? The main difference is their capacity – the CR2032 has about twice the capacity of the CR2016. This means that it will last longer before needing to be replaced. Both batteries are lithium ion batteries, so they have the same voltage of 3 volts. They just differ in thickness – the CR2016 is 1.6mm thick, while the CR2032 is 3.2mm thick. Detecting the thickness of CR batteries is really simple, you just have to look at the last two digits in their name!

To sum it all up, use CR2016 for devices that don’t eat up much power and use CR2032 for everything else. Keep this in mind when you’re shopping for new batteries, and happy powering!