Hakko FX-888D vs. Weller WES51: Which is Better?

Hakko FX-888D vs. Weller WES51: Which is Better?

The Weller WES51 soldering station is a great option for those in the market for an analog soldering station. It’s packed with features and available at a moderate price point. Though it’s slightly larger than some other options on the market, it comes complete with everything you need to get started, like the holder, tip, and sponge [1].

The Hakko FX-888D is the digital version of the FX-888. With user-selectable preset temperatures and digital calibration, it’s much easier to set up and operate than its predecessor.

The addition of password protection and a low-temperature alarm help guarantee accuracy and protect against cold solder joints [2].

If you’re in the market for a quality soldering iron, you may be wondering if the Hakko FX-888D or Weller WES51 is the better option. Both irons are great options, but they do have some key differences. In this blog post, we will compare and contrast these two soldering irons to help you decide which one is right for you!

Hakko FX-888D Overview

The Hakko FX-888D is a top-of-the-line soldering station that is perfect for professionals and amateurs alike.

This exceptional product comes with a power supply, iron holder, sponge, and waterless cleaner, and the standard tip is shape-B.

The dimensions are 9.6 x 9.6 x 7.3 inches and the weight is 2.6 pounds. The voltage is 120 Volts and the wattage is 70 Watts. The temperature range (adjusted) is 120-899°F while the idle temperature is within 1.8°F.

Hakko FX-888D Overview

This corded electric device has a cord length of 3.9 feet and its power consumption is 65 W. It’s made with plastic and metal and the ceramic heater is a major heating element. The LED display shows the temperature range in °F or °C. ESD safe, this top-of-the-line soldering station from Hakko is an excellent choice for anyone in need of a reliable and consistent soldering tool.


  • The weight is 2.6 pounds;
  • The dimensions are 9.6 x 9.6 x 7.3 inches;
  • The voltage is 120 Volts;
  • The wattage is 70 Watts;
  • The standard package includes the power supply, iron holder, sponge, waterless cleaner;
  • Made with plastic and metal;
  • The temperature range (adjusted) is120°F – 899°F;
  • The idle temperature is within 1.8°F;
  • Corded electric device – the cord length is 3.9 feet;
  • The power consumption is 65 W;
  • The ceramic heater is a major heating element;
  • The standard tip is shape-B (comes with T18-B tip);
  • Fully compatible with the FX8804-CK hot tweezer;
  • The display may show the temperature range in °F or °C;
  • The LED display;
  • ESD safe;


The Hakko FX-888D has a lightweight and compact design, an ergonomic handle, and five preset temperatures that make it perfect for use in a wide range of applications.

The ergonomic handle ensures comfortable to use during extended periods of soldering, while the separated tip/heater design makes it easy to change tips and adjust the temperature. The FX-888D is compatible with a wide range of tips and is suitable for soldering SMD and through-hole applications.

Hakko FX-888D Overview

However, there are some drawbacks to the FX-888D. Firstly, the instructions are poorly written and can be confusing to use. Secondly, the cool-off period is quite long and may require you to replace the tip more often than with other soldering irons.

Finally, the temperature control is not quite as stable as with other models on the market.


The FX-888D also features adjustable temperature control, making it perfect for soldering small components. And, with its fast thermal recovery, the FX-888D is always ready to use.

The Hakko FX-888D is a versatile and affordable digital soldering station that is ideal for a wide range of soldering applications.

With quick heating times, a simple user interface, and five preset temperatures, the FX-888D is a great choice for those looking for an easy-to-use soldering station.

The FX-888D also includes a password-protected temperature feature and is compatible with a wide range of tips, making it perfect for use with SMD or through-hole applications.


  • Quick heating up (up to 45 seconds);
  • Simple user interface;
  • Fast thermal recovery;
  • Five preset temperatures;
  • Lightweight and compact design;
  • Ergonomic handle;
  • Compatible with a wide selection of tips;
  • Suitable for soldering SMD and through-hole applications;
  • Affordable compared to other digital models;
  • Password protection function
  • Separable tip/heater design;
  • Adjustable temperature control;
  • Good for soldering small components;


  • Poorly written instructions;
  • One button may change the calibration by accident;
  • Not enough buttons to switch between major functions;
  • The cool-off period is long and may tear on the tip;
  • Very limited warranty;
  • The temperature control is not quite stable;
  • Won’t be recommended for some circuit boards, according to some users;
The Hakko FX-888D is an affordable and reliable digital soldering iron that is perfect for anyone from the hobbyist to the professional. It features quick heating times, a simple user interface, fast thermal recovery, password protection, five preset temperatures, and a lightweight and compact design.

Hakko FX-888D Overview

Overall, the Hakko FX-888D is a good value for the price and will be suitable for most users.

Weller WES51 Overview

The Weller WES51 soldering station is a simple, no-frills device that people use for quick soldering jobs and electronic fixes. Almost everyone who likes soldering has heard of the Weller company and its reputation for quality. The WES51 is one of their most popular products, used by thousands of happy customers. In expert opinion, it is mostly chosen because of its quality and long lifespan.

Customers have been using the product for over a decade, and there have been no issues. The design is simplistic, which might be why it is so durable. Not only is the design easy to use, but everything else about the product is as well – from replacing tips to adjusting temperatures [3].

Overall, the Weller WES51 is a great choice for those who are looking for a durable and easy-to-use soldering station for all their precision soldering needs.


  • The weight is 4 pounds;
  • The dimensions are 11.42 x 8.82 x 4.25 inches;
  • Corded electric power source;
  • The wattage range is up 50 Watts;
  • The package includes a power unit, soldering pencil, stand, and sponge;
  • The voltage is 120 V;
  • Tip temperature offset;
  • Non-burnable silicon rubber cord;
  • Foam-grip pencil;
  • Variable temperature controls;
  • ESD safety;
  • Automatic shut-off technology after 99 minutes;
  • The soldering temperature is adjustable from 350 to 850 degrees Fahrenheit;
  • Compatible with Weller ET series tips;
  • LED mode;
  • UL/CUL listed;
  • Completely free of stored static charges;
  • Limited 1-year warranty;

Weller WES51 Overview


With 50W of power, this station can handle any soldering task you throw at it. Some tools boast a high wattage, but that’s not nearly as important as the other features this model offers. With 50W, it heats up quickly – one of the fastest heat-up times on the market. You can set the temperature between 350-850ºF with +/- 9ºF precision using the easy-to-use interface for accurate setting and display reading in either °C or °F modes.

The soldering pencil is also very thick and durable – nearly indestructible except for damage from use with incompatible tip models such as those from ET Weller series tips.

WES51’s design is sleek and simple – you might even say it looks minimalistic. And while a common worry with such designs is safety, you can rest assured knowing that this tool is as safe as they come. ESD-safe technology protects the device, made specifically by Weller. If you forget to turn off the device, no problem – it will automatically deactivate after 90 minutes. With WES51, your tips will last as long as possible!

However, there are a few downsides to this product that you should be aware of before making your purchase. Firstly, the Weller WES51 is an analog soldering station, which means it doesn’t have the same digital precision as some of its more expensive counterparts. Secondly, it’s a fairly bulky and heavy piece of equipment, so it might not be the best choice for those who are looking for a more portable soldering station. And finally, the customer service from Weller has been known to be not very responsive, so if you run into any problems with your unit, you might be out of luck.

Weller WES51 Overview


The lightweight tip and handle are designed for comfort during extended use, and the tip can be changed to a variety of compatible options. You can also easily reset the temperature to fit each tip being used. The unit uses up to 120 volts and has precise temperature control. If it goes without being used for 99 minutes, it will automatically shut off as a safety measure and to help protect you and save the life and longevity of the unit itself.

The temperature lockout feature prevents you from accidentally choosing a too-high setting for your project, and the LED light lets you know at a glance if the unit is locked or unlocked, as well as what mode it’s currently in. This saves time and ensures that the job is done correctly.

The Weller analog soldering station uses a unique heater and sensor combination to heat up quickly while also maintaining a consistent temperature. The wireless temperature lockout feature prevents operators from raising the temperature above what is safe for the board or component, giving you more control over the process. To save power and prolong tip life, the station automatically powers down after 90 minutes of inactivity.


  • Slim and easy-to-use pencil for reduced fatigue;
  • Durable;
  • The automatic temperature control to prevent excessive overheating;
  • Automatic shut-off/sleep mode after 99 minutes of inactivity;
  • Quick heating up and recovery – up to 30 seconds;
  • Different tips are compatible;
  • ESD safe
  • LED with information;
  • Long tip life;
  • Easy to repair;


  • Analog, not digital;
  • Expensive;
  • Heavy and bulky;
  • Not user-friendly design;
  • Doesn’t include extra tips;
  • Limited warranty;
  • Not rust-resistant;
  • Poor customer service;
  • Many counterfeit products out there;

If you’re looking for a professional-grade soldering station that will help you with all your precision soldering needs, look no further than the Weller WES51. This soldering station is beloved by professional hobbyists and electronics enthusiasts for its durability, easy-to-use design, and automatic temperature control features that prevent overheating. With a quick heating time of just 30 seconds and a longer tip life, the Weller WES51 is a versatile and reliable tool that will help you complete all your projects with ease.

Weller WES51 Overview

Similarities Between Weller WES51 and Hakko FX-888D

Both the Weller WES51 and Hakko FX-888D are popular, high-quality options for a temperature-controlled soldering station.

Both stations feature an adjustable temperature range of 200-480°C (392-896°F) and a digital display for easy reading.

They also both have a slim, compact design for easy storage and portability.

Also, both stations come with a soldering iron and stand, as well as interchangeable tips for different soldering applications.

Differences Between Weller WES51 and Hakko FX-888D

One key difference between the two stations is the type of tip. The Weller WES51 uses a conical tip, while the Hakko FX-888D features a flat, chisel tip. Some users prefer the precision and versatility of a chisel tip, while others prefer the traditional design of a conical tip.

Another notable difference is the power source. The Weller WES51 operates on standard AC power, while the Hakko FX-888D has both AC and battery options for increased flexibility and convenience.

Lastly, the Hakko FX-888D offers more temperature presets, with 10 presets compared to the Weller WES51’s 5 presets.

What To Choose – Hakko FX-888D and Weller WES51?

The Weller WES51 soldering station is one of the most reliable and durable tools you can find, making it our top choice for a soldering station. If you’re not looking for a digital device, this is the ideal toolkit for anyone soldering needs it!

However, the Hakko FX-888D digital soldering station offers more versatility with its adjustable temperature control and high-performance capabilities. It also boasts a larger LCD screen for easier display reading. The devices offer great options for any soldering job, but the Hakko FX-888D offers more advanced features and functionality.

What To Choose – Hakko FX-888D and Weller WES51?

Ultimately, the choice between the Weller WES51 and Hakko FX-888D comes down to personal preference. Both are high-quality options with similar features, so it ultimately depends on the type of tip preferred and whether a battery option is necessary. Both stations have a loyal following among professional users, so either choice is a good investment for reliable soldering.


Is Weller better than Hakko?

The Hakko gets up to temperature about 30% faster than other brands. In testing, we found that the Hakko experiences less of a temperature drop after soldering or cleaning the tip, as well as having a faster recovery time overall. The Weller’s performance is respectable, but in comparison, the Hakko does even better.

The Hakko also has a reputation for having better-quality tips, with less wear and corrosion. That being said, the Weller does offer more variety in terms of available tips.

Overall, experts recommend the Hakko FX-888D for its faster heating time and better tip quality. However, if you have specific needs or preferences for your soldering iron’s features, it is ultimately up to personal preference and choosing the tool that works best for you [4].

Which is the best soldering iron brand?

Anbes and Weller are both popular brands in the soldering iron industry. It ultimately comes down to personal preference and specific project requirements. Some people prefer Anbes for its affordability and variety of temperature options, while others prefer Weller for its reliability and ease of use. It’s important to do your own research and read reviews before purchasing a soldering iron. Ultimately, the best brand will be the one that meets your needs and gives you consistent, high-quality results.

Which Hakko soldering station is the best?

The Hakko FX-888D is a popular choice among hobbyists and professionals alike. It offers adjustable temperature control and a wide range of interchangeable tips. However, the FX-951 is also well-liked for its compact design and easy portability. Ultimately, it depends on your specific needs and preferences. Both models have received positive reviews and are capable of delivering high-quality results.

Where is Hakko FX-888D made?

The Hakko FX-888D is made in Japan. It is known for its precision and durability, often considered a top choice among professionals in the electronics industry. Many users also appreciate the adjustable temperature control and wide range of interchangeable tips offered by the FX-888D. Overall, it is a highly reputable soldering station trusted for consistent, high-quality results [5].

Does Weller make good soldering irons?

The short answer is yes, Weller is a well-known and trusted brand in the soldering industry. However, their WES51 model may not be the best option when compared to the Hakko FX-888D.

The Hakko FX-888D offers more precise temperature control and a wider range (200-896°F) compared to the WES51 (450-850°F). It also has a digital display for easy reading, while the WES51 does not.

Where are Weller soldering irons made?

Weller soldering irons are made in Germany [6]. In 1959, the Weller Elektro-Werkzeuge GmbH plant in Besigheim, Germany, expanded overseas. Along with new plants established in other countries, the company manufactures temperature-controlled irons and soldering guns for industrial markets throughout Europe and Near East.

How many watts is the Hakko 888D?

The Hakko FX-888D has a wattage of 70 watts [7].

Are Weller and Hakko tips interchangeable?

No, Weller and Hakko tips are not interchangeable as they have different shapes and sizes. However, both brands offer a wide range of tip options so finding the correct size and shape for your needs should not be difficult [8].

How many watts is a good soldering iron?

When looking at soldering irons, the wattage is important because it determines how quickly and effectively the iron can heat up and maintain a high temperature. The Hakko FX-888D has a wattage of 70 watts, while the Weller WES51 has a wattage of only 40 watts. This means that the Hakko will heat up faster and be able to sustain a higher temperature for longer periods of time.

What type of soldering iron should I use for electronics?

This is a question that often comes up for hobbyists and professionals alike. Many people swear by their preferred brand, but when it comes to the Hakko FX-888D and Weller WES51, which one truly reigns supreme?

Comparing the specifications of both irons, the Hakko FX-888D has a slightly higher wattage at 70W compared to the Weller WES51’s 50W. This means that the FX-888D can heat up faster and maintain a higher temperature, making it more efficient for soldering larger or more complex projects. However, the WES51 compensates with its variable temperature control feature, allowing users to have more precision and versatility in their work.

What are the 4 types of solder?

The three main types of solder are lead-free solder, lead-based solder, and flux-core solder products. There is another type known as silver alloy solder. These types are made on the composition of alloys. Apart from this, there are other solder types depending on the form, core style, and application [9].

Why does my solder not melt?

There are a few reasons why your solder may not be melting properly. It could be due to using the wrong type of solder, not enough heat being applied, or the tip of your soldering iron may not be clean.

In comparison to other metals and alloys, solder has an exceptionally low melting point. Even a weak 40W iron should melt almost immediately. If the solder isn’t melting, then either the iron is not hot enough or it’s not working at all. To check if the latter is true, try poking the tip of the Iron through a piece of paper [10].

What soldering stations use Hakko tips?

The Hakko FX-888D soldering station uses Hakko tips. The Weller WES51 also has the option to use Hakko tips, but they must be purchased separately. In terms of performance and reliability, many users prefer the Hakko tips over the standard Weller tips.

How do you clean a Hakko soldering iron?

The Hakko FX-888D soldering iron can be cleaned by wiping the tip with a damp sponge or cleaning pad while the iron is hot. It is also important to regularly clean and tin the tip to maintain its effectiveness [11].

On the other hand, the Weller WES51 soldering iron has an automatic shut-off feature that allows it to enter a standby mode after not being used for a certain amount of time. This standby mode activates a built-in cleaning system in the iron that cleans and tins the tip without any manual effort from the user.

How can you tell a fake Hakko FX-888D?

One way to tell if a Hakko FX-888D is fake is by checking the serial number. Authentic Hakko soldering irons will have a serial number beginning with “FX-888D”, while fake ones may have a different prefix or no serial number at all. Additionally, the overall quality and appearance of the iron may appear lower in a fake model.

In comparison, it is less common for the Weller WES51 to be faked due to its lower popularity among hobbyists and DIYers. However, if purchasing a used Weller WES51, it is important to check for any signs of damage and verify the authenticity with the seller.

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