1N5406 Diode Pinout and Specifications

1N5406 Diode Pinout and Specifications

Are you looking to buy 1N5406 diode components and need to know the pinout & specs? You’ve come to the right place! In this blog post, we will take a deep dive into the 1N5406 diode, exploring its pinout and specifications in detail. We will provide an overview of what a 1N5406 diode is and discuss some of its key features before taking a closer look at how they are connected through pins as well as their different applications. So let’s begin our exploration of the versatile 1N5406 diode by discussing what it is and why it matters so much!

1N5406 Diode Explained

The 1N5406 diode is a popular choice for general-purpose rectification applications, featuring a low forward voltage drop of just 0.75 volts and an average current rating of 3 amps. This remarkable device can withstand up to a 30-amp surge current and boasts an impressive 600 volts for its maximum repetitive reverse voltage rating. The 1N5406 also has excellent temperature stability, with a very low thermal resistance that helps keep it from overheating during operation.

1N5406 Diode Explained

1N5406 Pinout

The 1N5406 diode has two pins, labeled anode and cathode.

The anode pin is the positive side of the diode, while the cathode pin is the negative side.

It’s important to keep these pins in mind when wiring up a circuit with a 1N5406 diode, as hooking them up backwards can cause damage to the component or even create a short circuit. [1]

1N5406 Features

The 1N5406 diode is a popular component in many electronic circuits. It has the following key features:

  • Low reverse leakage current (at 25°C)
  • Low forward voltage drop
  • High surge current capability
  • Operating junction temperature range
  • High reliability and long operation life
  • Plastic encapsulation for easy mounting and protection from external environment elements

The 1N5406 diode is available in three different packages – DO-15, SOT-23, and SMA. These packages provide flexibility for physical layout configurations. The 1N5406 can also be used with a wide variety of circuit designs and applications, including SCRs (silicon controlled rectifiers), relays, motor control circuits, and other general purpose diodes.

1N5406 Replacement and Equivalent

The 1N5406 diode is a three-terminal device with a maximum power dissipation of 3 W, and the equivalent or replacement for this diode is commonly denoted as 1SMB5913BT3G. This three-terminal device has the same pinout configuration as the 1N5406, with an anode connected to its center terminal, a cathode connected to its first terminal, and a third terminal connected to the second terminal for use in high voltage applications.

With features such as a maximum forward voltage drop at 1A of 2V, maximum reverse leakage current at 25°C of 10mA, and a surge current of 300mA peak max, it follows similar specifications found in other products. The maximum repetitive peak reverse voltage (VRRM) for this device is 600V. Additionally, these diodes are also available in the SOD-123 package, offering an even smaller form factor with a slightly lower power dissipation of 2W max.

1N5406 Replacement and Equivalent

Overall, the 1SMB5913BT3G is a great option for anyone looking to replace or upgrade their current 1N5406 diodes without sacrificing performance. With its similar pinout configuration and general specifications, it makes for a convenient and reliable replacement. As always, be sure to take care when handling any electrical components as they can present potential hazards if misused or abused. [2]

Where to Use 1N5406 Diode

1N5406 diodes are a highly reliable, low-cost diode with a variety of uses. It has a power dissipation rating of 3A and peak reverse voltage ratings up to 600V.

These characteristics make it suitable for use in many applications, such as:

  • Surge protection – The 1N5406 is well-suited for protecting sensitive electronic components from voltage spikes that can be caused by lightning strikes or other sources.
  • Motor control – The high current capacity of the 1N5406 makes it an ideal choice for DC motor control circuits.
  • High voltage rectification – With its high peak reverse voltage rating, the 1N5406 can withstand large amounts of input voltages while still providing reliable operation.
  • Battery charging – The low forward voltage drop of the 1N5406 makes it perfect for use in battery charging circuits to ensure that the batteries are not overcharged.
  • Clamping circuits – With its high reverse leakage current, the 1N5406 can be used in clamping circuits to protect electronic components from excessive voltage levels.

Overall, the 1N5406 is a versatile diode with a wide range of uses and is an excellent choice for many projects. Its low cost, reliability and power handling capabilities make it an ideal solution for protecting against transient voltages and currents in many different applications. [3]

How to Safely Long Run in a Circuit

The 1N5406 diode is an important component in any circuit, and with its versatile pinout and specifications, it is capable of providing stable and efficient long-run operation. To ensure the safe use of a 1N5406 diode for long-term applications, there are some precautions you should take to protect both the device itself as well as the other components in your circuit.

First, you should check that your current draw is within the specified power dissipation rating of the diode. This can be done by calculating the total amount of current passing through each part of your circuit or using a clamp meter to measure current flow directly at different points. It’s also important to make sure that you have sufficient heatsinking, as too much current can cause excessive heat buildup and lead to damaging the diode.

You should also make sure that you are using a voltage rating of the diode that is appropriate for your circuit’s operating conditions. It’s important not to exceed the maximum reverse breakdown voltage of the device, as this can result in catastrophic failure. Additionally, it’s important to use a capacitor across the diode if necessary to help reduce any voltage spikes or ringing present in the power supply connection.

Finally, it is essential that you inspect your 1N5406 diodes periodically in order to identify any potential problems with their performance. If at any point you observe an increase in forward voltage or a decrease in reverse recovery time, you should take steps to replace the diode as soon as possible to prevent any further damage. [4]

1N5406 Applications

The 1N5406 diode is a general-purpose, rectifier power diode. It has a wide range of applications in the electronics industry. It can be used in power supplies and voltage regulation circuits, as well as for protecting against overvoltage in automotive and other equipment. The device also finds use in reverse polarity protection circuits and switching applications. Furthermore, it can be used for rectifying alternating current to direct current (AC-DC) conversion.

1N5406 Applications

Additionally, this device is suitable for snubber circuit configurations that are commonly employed with inductive loads such as motors and relays. Due to its high surge capability, it is highly reliable under harsh conditions, making it ideal for automotive applications such as lighting control systems. Its relatively low forward voltage drop makes it an efficient diode for voltage regulation, providing a cost-effective solution for various other applications.

Moreover, the 1N5406 diode offers low leakage current and has high junction temperature capabilities making it suitable for use in a variety of environments.


What is 1N5406 spec?

The 1N5406 diode is a 3.0 Ampere, single-phase, silicon rectifier with a reverse voltage rating of 600 volts. It is encapsulated in the DO-201AD molded plastic case and has axial leads for mounting. Its features include low forward voltage drop and fast switching speed. It is suitable for general-purpose applications such as freewheeling diodes and reverse battery protection.

What is the pinout of 1N5406?

The pinout diagram for 1N5406 consists of two terminals; anode (A) and cathode (K). The anode must be connected to the positive supply while the cathode should be connected to the negative supply.

What is a 1n5400 diode used for?

A 1N5400 diode is a general purpose rectifier diode, commonly used in AC/DC power supplies and inverters.

It is capable of handling up to 3-amps of current and can be used for a variety of applications, such as converting alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC), bridge rectifying circuits, voltage clipping and clamping circuits, reverse polarity protection circuits, or any other application that requires the conversion of AC to DC. The 1N5400 diode has two pins: an anode and cathode pin, which are identified by their polarity markings on the device body. Additionally, the maximum peak inverse voltage (PIV) rating should not be exceeded when using this device, as it can cause damage to the device. To maximize its performance, the 1N5400 diode should be used in combination with a suitable heatsink and other components such as capacitors and resistors.

What is the difference between 1N4006 and 1N4007?

The main difference between the 1N4006 and 1N4007 diodes is their current capacity. The 1N4006 diode can handle a reverse current of 30mA whereas the 1N4007 diode can handle up to 400mA. Additionally, the reverse breakdown voltage for the 1N4007 is higher than that of the 1N4006 (1000V compared to 600V, respectively). Both are rectifier diodes with similar size, shape and pinouts, but the larger current handling capacity of the 1N4007 makes it more suitable for power supplies or other applications where greater amounts of current need to be handled. Finally, while both have an average forward voltage drop of around 0.

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The 1N5406 diode is a versatile, low-cost semiconductor device designed to withstand large amounts of current. Its pinout and specifications make it an ideal choice for a variety of electronic applications. With its three-terminal design and wide range of ratings, the 1N5406 can easily be adapted for different uses. With proper installation and maintenance, this dependable diode will provide reliable performance in almost any circuit.


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